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Math Numbers and Symbols

Understanding numbers is where learning in Math begins. When we first learn to count and add up and subtract, we are introduced to Math symbols and numbers.

Numbers can be categorized into different groups, and different kinds of numbers can have specific names depending on which group they fall into. Such as prime numbers, rational and irrational numbers, among others.

Different sums to perform in Math have different symbols to represent such sums. Actions such as taking the square root of a number or finding the result of a factorial, have specific symbols that show that such action is being performed.

Also the ability to identify if a number is rational or irrational is something that is often important when studying each branch of Mathematics, as is being able to write a number in scientific notation.
Where as things like adding and subtracting money along with adding and subtracting time are skills that we put into use almost everyday in normal life.

This section of looks to give a good introduction to a range of Math numbers and symbols, and the role they can play in different sums.

Math Numbers and Symbols Pages

    Different Types of Numbers
    BODMAS / Order of Operations
    Factorials and Multiples, Factors
    Exponents and Roots
    Factoring Square and Cube Roots
    Long Division
    Divide Smaller Numbers by Larger
    Writing in Scientific Notation

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