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Algebra 1 Grade Level

Welcome to the Algebra 1 Grade Level page.

Get a good introduction to the key topics studied when learning Algebra. Get to know the definition of words such as variable, coefficient and constant, along with finding out how to manipulate and simplify a range of algebraic expressions.

The concepts of Algebra feature in many different branches of Mathematics and Science. Where letters often take the place of numbers in expressions and equations, helping many different types of problems to be solved.

The importance of Algebra is hard to understate, with algebraic concepts being so prevalent in a range of disciplines such as economics and engineering to name but a few.

Becoming proficient at basic Algebra will set someone in good stead for future study and learning in many different directions.

Algebra 1 Grade Level Pages

Basic Algebra Introduction:

    Algebra Basics Introduction, Definitions
    Associative, Commutative & Distributive Property in Algebra
    Exponents in Algebra
    Different Exponent/Power Properties
    Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying Algebraic Expressions
    FOIL Method Multiplication
    Dividing Algebraic Expressions
    Difference of Two Cubes and other Multiplication Properties
    Factoring Expressions
    Evaluating Algebraic Expressions
    Solving Equations
    Literal Equations
    Inequalities Introduction
    Cartesian Coordinate System

Exponents and Radicals:

    Negative Exponents
    Fraction Exponents & Radical Form
    Factoring Radical Expressions
    Simplifying Radical Form
    Adding, Subtracting Radicals
    Multiplying Radicals, Dividing
    Dividing Radicals, Rationalize Denominator
    Solve Equations with Radicals

Linear Equations and Inequalities:

    Graphs of Linear Equations
    One Step Linear Equations
    Two Step Linear Expressions
    Multi Step Linear Equations
    Adding, Subtracting Radicals
    Simultaneous Linear Equations
    Solving by Substitution
    Linear Inequalities
    Double Inequalities
    Compound Inequalities

Quadratic Equations:

    Quadratic Equations Introduction
    Factoring Quadratics by Grouping
    Solving Quadratics by Factoring
    Solving with the Quadratic Formula
    Discriminant of a Quadratic
    Solving by Completing the Square
    Graphing Quadratics with Completing the Square
    Solving Quadratic Inequalities


    Polynomials Introduction
    Adding and Subtracting Polynomials
    Multiplying Polynomials
    Polynomial Division Box Method Introduction
    Polynomial Division Box Method Examples
    Polynomial Long Division
    Polynomial Long Division Examples
    Synthetic Division of Polynomials
    Rational Expressions
    Simplifying Rational Expressions
    Adding Rational Expressions
    Subtracting Rational Expressions
    Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions
    Simplifying Complex Fractions


    Functions Introduction
    Interval Notation in Math
    Domain of Functions
    Evaluating Functions
    Composition of Functions
    Graph of a Quadratic Function
    Transforming Graphs

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