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Fractions and Decimals

Fractions and Decimals in Math, operate and represent numbers in a very similar way despite their differing appearance.
Both are methods presenting values, and they have been used by humans for many centuries.


Fractions in particular have been written and drawn in a variety of forms in different parts of the world over the years.

Mathematicians in ancient Egypt are known as some of the first people to study fractions, as far back as over two millenniums. They constructed different symbols to represent different sizes of fractions.

But the kind of fractions that we see and use in the modern day, have only really been that way for the last few hundred years.
The concept is best introduced with images, which can be seen in the relevant pages below.


Decimal numbers are similar to fractions in their use.
As they are an effective way of writing a number that isn’t entirely whole, instead there is a number that will have a decimal point in some place.

For example, consider the mixed number \space \bf{3 \frac{3}{4}} \space, there is a whole number part as well as a fraction part.

The whole number here is  3,  and the fraction part is  \space \bf{\frac{3}{4}}.

In the same way, with the decimal  3.75.  The whole number is 3, while the decimal part is  0.75.

A handy way to think about it is in terms of money, in America cents are parts of a dollar, with  100  cents making up  1  full dollar.
If you have  $3  and  55c,  you will have  3  full dollars, along with  55  parts of another dollar.

This writes as  $3.55  as a decimal.

You don’t have a full  $4,  but you’re some of the way there, having more than  $3.

If you can follow and understand this basic introduction, then the pages below going into more detail on fractions and decimals should be clear and easy to follow.

Fractions and Decimals Pages


    Decimal Numbers Introduction
    Rounding Decimal Numbers
    Addition and Subtraction of Decimal Numbers
    Multiplying Decimal Numbers
    Dividing with Decimal Numbers
    Change Decimals to Fractions


    Fractions Introduction
    Simplifying Fractions
    Adding and Subtracting Fractions
    Adding and Subtracting Fractions, Butterfly Method
    Mixed Numbers and Fractions, Converting
    Multiplying Fractions, Multiplying Mixed Numbers
    Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers
    Division of Fractions
    Fraction Cross Multiplication
    Change Fractions to Decimals

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