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Algebra 2 Grade Level

Welcome to the Algebra 2 Grade Level page.

Here we look at some more involved areas of the subject than those listed in the Basic Algebra Help section.
With an aim at looking to solve more complex problems, and dealing with more involved equations.

Derived from the word of Arabic origin Al – Jabr, generally meaning “reunion of broken parts”. Algebra certainly does cover a very broad range of concepts, many of which can be applied to real world problems and situations.

Many common algorithms used today are based and rely on algebraic concepts. Underlining the importance, and relevance of the subject. Math used in complex numbers and matrices for example has a wide range of applications in real world problems.

Once one gets their head around the basics and develops a good understanding of the key concepts, Algebra can really be very fascinating.

Algebra 2 Grade Level Pages

Complex Numbers:

1.  Imaginary Numbers in Math
2.  Complex Numbers Introduction
3.  Complex Number Arithmetic, Inverse, Conjugate
4.  Argand Diagram
5.  Complex Numbers Polar Form, Converting
6.  Converting from Polar form to Cartesian form
7.  De Moivre Theorem
8.  Roots of Complex Numbers
9.  Complex Solutions of Quadratic Equations

Matrix Math:

1.  Introduction to Matrices
2.  Different Types of Matrix, Matrix Names
3.  How to Add & Subtract Matrices
4.  Matrix Multiplication
5.  Determinant of a Square Matrix
6.  Inverse of a Square (2 x 2) Matrix
7.  Inverse of a Square (3 x 3) Matrix

Polynomials Further:

1.  Factoring Polynomials of Degree 3
2.  Rational Roots Theorem
3.  Zeros of Polynomials
4.  Factoring with Synthetic Division and Solving
5.  Factor Polynomials by Grouping
6.  Graphing Polynomial Functions
7.   Discriminant of a Cubic
8.   Complex Roots of Polynomials
9.   Complex Roots of Polynomials Further Examples
10.  Descartes Rule of Signs


1.  Sets and Subsets, Notation
2.  Sets and Venn Diagrams

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions:

1.  Exponential and Logarithmic Functions Introduction
2.  Exponential and Logarithmic Functions Examples
3.  Rules of Logarithms
4.  Logarithmic Function Graphs
5.  Exponential Function Graphs

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